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“the Amish Entrepreneur Show with Torah Bontrager” is a weekly seasonal podcast on re-branding the Amish and establishing a new generation of Amish leaders so we can get heard and add our contribution to the world.  The way we explore and execute on this is by bringing on to the show leaders in all areas of industry who can advise us on how to evolve, specifically through the vehicles of entrepreneurship and academia.  
The theme of last season, the pilot run, was turning tragedies into triumphs.  This season's theme is branding and education.  
What everyone on this show has in common is a story of trauma, hardship, or other challenges.  And last but not least, the underlying silent goal is to collect 1,111 stories of trauma, specifically sexual assault.  I believe that that number of voices speaking out is all that is needed to permanently drastically reduce the rate of sexual assault worldwide.

Mar 1, 2017

Sovilla and Lucinda Coblentz are entrepreneur sisters who are like twins, and their husbands are brothers who craft beautiful, custom solid wood pieces with traditional Amish integrity.  The four run their small family business in Texas together.  Before Torah’s escape, Sovilla and Torah’s paths happened to cross for one brief moment in time.  Sovilla knew intuitively that Torah intended to leave the Amish church and that gave her the inspiration and courage to continue pursuing her freedom as well.  The sisters eventually escaped together after failed attempts.  Despite the extreme challenges and odds, they have evolved into incredible individuals who’ve taken personal responsibility for their freedom, happiness, finances and actions.


  • About Sovilla’s first failed escape attempt in the middle of an Amish church service
  • The interrogation methods by Amish clergy and elders that the sisters were subjected to for wanting to escape 
  • The hypocritical morals within the Amish e.g., it’s acceptable for bishops to father children outside of marriage but not acceptable for children or members of lesser status to break minor rules
  • What Lucinda dreamed of being and longed to wear that made her determined to escape


  1. JH Woodworks (Amish craftsmanship):
  2. Find the girls on Facebook.  They are about to embark on writing their memoir, too.
  3. See S1Ep1: James Schwartz on Growing up Gay and Amish in America, Unconventional Schooling and Trump Politics for James’ answer to the forgiveness question
  4. See S1Ep2: Fiona Teng on Growing Up as an Immigrant in California, Fatherlessness, Abandonment and Romantic Relationships for Fiona’s answer to the forgiveness question