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“the Amish Entrepreneur Show with Torah Bontrager” is a weekly seasonal podcast on re-branding the Amish and establishing a new generation of Amish leaders so we can get heard and add our contribution to the world.  The way we explore and execute on this is by bringing on to the show leaders in all areas of industry who can advise us on how to evolve, specifically through the vehicles of entrepreneurship and academia.  
The theme of last season, the pilot run, was turning tragedies into triumphs.  This season's theme is branding and education.  
What everyone on this show has in common is a story of trauma, hardship, or other challenges.  And last but not least, the underlying silent goal is to collect 1,111 stories of trauma, specifically sexual assault.  I believe that that number of voices speaking out is all that is needed to permanently drastically reduce the rate of sexual assault worldwide.

Apr 27, 2017

Sarah Alexis is an interior and set designer and a sexual abuse survivor.  She reads a short poem for us that she wrote as a way to express what happened to her and to help release the trauma stored in her body.  This 1-minute episode is audio-only with subtitles and set to beautiful cherry blossoms and flowers.  We hear only her voice and music in the background.  
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).  In solidarity with #SAAM, we have placed their teal ribbon on this month’s episodes.  Teal is the official color of SAAM.  The teal ribbon is the symbol of sexual violence prevention.  Please read the episode synopsis for more information about #SAAM and how you can help and/or be helped as a survivor.


  • How to make art out of darkness (when or if we are able to)

1. Sexual Assault Awareness Month (for info about SAAM, sexual assault on college campuses, and their work. The NSVRC/SAAM team is available for interviews and is a resource for reporting on sexual violence):; 877-739-3895;  Call/email for help.
2. Grief Recovery Method (for physical and emotional losses, to find grief support groups and for a free ebook for info on the various kinds of grief):
3. RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network):; 800-656-HOPE; live chat.  Get help 24/7.  Free and confidential.   Call/chat if you’ve been violated.
4. Hold Me Right (a beautiful documentary about the aftermath of sexual assault; check out the trailer):
5. See S1Ep17: Brian Young on How Education Provided Him an Escape from Suicide and the Shocking High Rates of Suicide and Depression Among Native Americans for a message of hope
6. See S1Ep16: Erika W. on the Immediate Aftermath of Sexual Assault & Torah’s Story On Film for the First Time + Is Rape Co-Creative? for insights on what goes through a survivor’s mind